Animated Christmas tree

I started sending Christmas letters as a reaction to Canada Post’s strike just before Christmas in 1997. Previously, I only included letters to a very few overseas correspondents, and they were all individually written. Now, this Christmas letter thing seems to have taken on a life of its own, and it certainly chronicles my life (to a certain degree).

Clicking on the left-most link for each year takes you to a web page with a Christmas card and links to my Christmas letter and photos. The middle link takes you directly to my Christmas letter – 2011 and earlier are PDFs, 2012 and later are web pages. The right link takes you directly to my online galleries for Christmas photos at our home.


ICQ Christmas animation

Santa and his reindeer – a little Flash animation from the ICQ folks has proven to be very popular!

Please note: I prefer to send donations to my two favourite charities Operation Eyesight and USC Canada rather than spend this money on greeting cards. I encourage you to do the same – spend less on cards and postage, more on people!

2 thoughts on “Christmas”

  1. Dear Joe
    My wife, Shirley, and I continue to enjoy your ‘Merry Christmas’ reindeer – we laugh at it every year.
    I have forwarded it to a friend of mine who has just had a triple by-pass operation and is a little bit down at the moment. I’m sure it will cheer him up (we both sing in a local choir0.
    Do hope you have a very happy and blessed Christmas.
    With every good wish
    Tony Fry

    1. It’s great to hear others also have fun with this little animation!

      Best wishes to your family and especially to your friend.


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