When I was a child, I always told people I was going to be an Astronomer when I grew up. That never happened as it turned out, but astronomy continues to be a passion of mine. In 2001 I rediscovered my interest in astronomy, and I haven’t looked back!

2017 Total Solar Eclipse – phases to Totality

Online Astrophoto Gallery – my most recent astrophotos (2007 to present) are hosted here, along with astrophotos from my fellow RASC Victoria Centre astronomy buddies. I started taking astrophotos in 2004, a few yeas after my interest in astronomy was rekindled.

I have kept an observing log of celestial objects I visually observe and photograph back to 2009, recording over 1,000 observing sessions!

‘Twas the Night Before… – an astronomical version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, written by an amateur astronomer (not me!)

Clouds...the bane of an astronomer's life
Clouds…the bane of an astronomer’s life!