When I was a child, I always told people I was going to be an Astronomer when I grew up. That never happened as it turned out, but astronomy was always a passion of mine. In 2001 I rediscovered my interest in astronomy, and I haven’t looked back!

Online Astrophoto Gallery – my most recent astrophotos (2007 to present) are hosted here, along with my fellow astronomy buddies. Archived 2004-2008 photos.

Astro Observing Log – I keep an online observing log, including  photos

‘Twas the Night Before… – an astronomical version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, written by an amateur astronomer (not me!)

Feb 1, 2003 – Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster – A terrible tragedy.


Clouds...the bane of an astronomer's life
Clouds…the bane of an astronomer’s life
If you are an astronomer, no doubt you will be able to relate to this little animation!

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