I ran a personal weather station from 2000 to 2014, in response to there being no weather stations which offered online service for the City of Victoria. At the time I started the service in 2000, the only source of online weather data was from Victoria Airport, located 27 kms north of the city. By the time I shut it down in 2014 due to aging equipment failure, there were many sources of online weather information available for the city. For those interested, my personal weather station archive.

My new weather station is operational as of December 2017, and I have setup a personal weather station site on the Weather Underground service in order to freely share my service.

It is called Summit – IVICTORI1300 on Weather Underground – real-time conditions for the current day, week, month or year can be viewed using a web browser or an app on a smart device.

This is the weather station hardware I am currently using:

  • AcuRite 5-in-1 weather station – atop my chimney
  • AcuRite smartHUB – downloads the data from the weather station outside, and uploads to the cloud service run by AcuRite
  • Weather Underground – takes a feed from the AcuRite server to my personal weather station site