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Joe relaxing on a dhow in Oman
Joe relaxing on a dhow in Oman

I am one of those Baby Boomers who is now retired. I have traveled often throughout my life, and consider it one of my many joys. You can find out all about my travels on my JoeTourist.ca website. I am also a confirmed geek, although you won’t find me wearing pocket protectors! Computers, photography, astronomy, hiking, nature, and electric vehicles are all passions of mine.

See my Personal Interests for more details.

I worked in surveying, mapping, photogrammetry, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and web infrastructure for the Province of British Columbia and some private companies for my working life before retiring in 2007.

I have lived in Victoria, the City of Gardens since 1976. Victoria is located in the Province of British Columbia, in Canada. The city is the provincial capital, and is a tourist town located on the southern tip of beautiful Vancouver Island, just a few kilometres offshore from the west coast of Canada (and Vancouver, our largest city).

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  1. Joe
    You are correct you haven’t heard from me in a while. I was so pleased to hear from you – A 2017 Tesla – Woo-ha!! Leave it to you to keep up with the latest tech. My 94 Nissan van that ran nearly like new coughed a bit so I had to take it to the shop. Long story short, I let my drivers licence expire and sold the Nissan in November. I do miss the independence, but am getting used to shopping ahead for necessities. My daughter has been gracious about looking after my shopping needs and I keep a case of booze in the closet in case of an earthquake or other disaster. I eat lunch and dinner here at Parkland on the Glen so will not stave to death. One problem with living in a 25 story pile of bricks is that it is that we tend to share all of the coughs and sneezes. I am getting over the latest bout that has lasted too long. Resolution – I must learn more about patience. I do have an in-house social life, which will do for now. ! am looking forward to Christmas with my great grandson who is three years old and loads of fun. The other one is only 9 months old – but is SO smart. My granddaughter in Winnipeg had a son on the same day as the latest one here so that will save a bit of birthday remembering. Three great grandsons.is great. Even though I am kind of partial to baby girls I am pleased to take them as they come.
    I can’t believe that I made it into the Nineties but now that I am here, might as well shoot for 100.
    All the very best to you and yours. Coda is a weird name for a cat.
    It is getting late in the season and I have yet to send out a Christmas Card. Must make another resolution!!
    A Happy Holiday and A Merry Xmas.

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