Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

All the best for the coming New Year

Christmas Letter 2016 – web page suitable for reading online – offers expanded content (narrative) & media (photos & video) over the print pdf version

2016-Joe-Xmas-Letter – 2.7 Mb pdf – a concise version with just a few small photos, suitable for printing in colour on one double-sided, letter-sized sheet of paper

Our Christmas 2016 Photos – online photo album slideshow of our Christmas celebrations and decorations

It is easy to print out the above banner graphic as a Christmas Card. Simply right click on the graphic and left click on Print. Some browsers may require you to download/save the image, and then print it.

Please note: I prefer to send donations to my two favourite charities in place of spending money on greeting cards. I encourage you to do the same – spend less on cards and postage, more on people!

Operation Eyesight and USC Canada

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