Tesla Road Ranger Service – my experience

I live on Vancouver Island where there is no easily accessible Tesla Service, so you can bet I asked lots of questions about how I would get my Model S serviced before I made the final purchase decision last year. Recently, I got to test the famed Tesla Service, and I have to say it was nothing short of amazing!

I experienced a sensor failure in the recharge module, and after calling the toll free number to troubleshoot, Tesla decided to send a technician out to replace it. I paid for this service up front, since it is built into the purchase price of the vehicle, and in this case it is a warranty replacement, so no cost. It sure is convenient to have Road Ranger service…service which comes to you, instead of being subjected to the interminable service centre dance.

Asking myself:

  • How many car manufacturers or auto dealers have come to my home to do repairs?
  • How many do repairs/replacements for a nominal charge or no charge?

Tesla couldn’t have made this warranty replacement any easier for me. They came over on the ferry from the Vancouver Service Centre and serviced several of their customers here on Vancouver Island over two days, having the service tech stay overnight.

JoeTourist: 2014 Tesla Model S &emdash; Jumpstart terminals under the hood, front panel - top view The technician also answered all my questions about my Model S, and upgraded the positive post on the 12 volt jump start system. He also found out the scoop behind the lack of availability of the Premium Front Console in Obeche wood finish, since I had previously pre-ordered the Premium Front Console and then Tesla canceled the order, offering the Piano Black finish which I found unsuitable.

The annual service for my Model S is coming up in September, so I will drive my vehicle to my nearest service centre in Vancouver for the appointment. Given my positive experience with this service, I’m looking forward to the annual service. They even make a loaner Model S available to me while my car is being serviced, if it is going to take very long. If I lived in Vancouver, they have a concierge service, where they pick up your Model S and leave a loaner – returning later with your serviced vehicle!

I am also very pleased with Elon Musk’s forthright promise to customers such as myself: Creating the World’s Best Service and Warranty Program.

5 thoughts on “Tesla Road Ranger Service – my experience”

  1. Thanks very much for your Tesla blog Joe, I am in the initial research stage and looking to buy the S or the X and also live on Vancouver Island (Victoria) Do you know if the “Tesla Road Ranger” is permanently located on the island or does he just come across from Vancouver as needed? also, how long did you have to wait before he could repair your Tesla?



  2. The Road Ranger service is dispatched from the Vancouver Tesla Service Centre as and when required. Since my repair was non-urgent, the Road Ranger took a couple of weeks to come over and fix my issue. He stayed for two days in Victoria performing other non-urgent repairs and service. I have been assured that if an urgent service is required, the Road Ranger will be dispatched from Vancouver on a priority basis. They are regularly on the road covering the province doing vehicle repairs.

  3. Thanks Joe for the informative post. Glad to hear that service can be that simple and convenient when no Service Center is within easy driving distance.

    I test drove a Model S at the start of June and was very impressed. Hope to add to the number of Teslas in Victoria in the near future.

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