New Tesla Model S 75D ordered

This morning I was browsing a Tesla owners’ group on Facebook, and one of my friends posted news that Tesla had just eliminated leather seats as an option for their Model S and X. Since he lives in the USA, I had to browse Tesla’s Canadian website to verify it was the same here – it was. I then started browsing a bit deeper, and was startled to find that Tesla had re-priced their options and simplified the choices. In the process, the price for my favourite configuration of Model S had decreased by about $4,000 and more options were included as well! My notes about my favourite configuration tell me Tesla has reduced the cost twice before during the 12 months, so this third decrease really motivated me to consider purchasing.

Tesla Self Driving sensors
Tesla Self Driving sensors

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my 2014 Model S 85, however Tesla has improved their vehicles immensely over the last three years. The big difference is their Autopilot self-driving feature, which has already gone through two versions of updates since I purchased my Model S. All of Tesla’s currently-produced vehicles have the hardware installed to fully support autonomous driving – the car can drive itself without a driver’s intervention, quoting Tesla: ” at a safety level substantially greater than that of a human driver.” This remarkable technology will take time to roll out, but Tesla is committed to it, and already has it working for highway driving. I won’t quote all the technical details here – browse Tesla’s website for more information about this marvellous technology.

Today, it took me a couple of hours to convince myself that trading in my three year-old car was a possibility. I had some questions, especially how much Tesla would give me for my 2014 Model S as a trade-in, so I called them up to have a chat. They came back a couple hours later with an offer for my 2014 that exceeded my expectations, so I decided to place my order for a new 2017 Model S 75D, paying a $2,500 deposit online.

Now obviously if I wasn’t a previous Tesla vehicle owner, the process would have been a bit different. Very few people are comfortable buying such an expensive vehicle without at least a test drive, however I’m very familiar with the new models since several of my Tesla buddies have them. I also had decided on the configuration I wanted about a year ago, and had been watching the market for awhile.

I know this is hard to believe, but purchasing a Tesla vehicle is always done online. They have showrooms for test drives, retail stores, and service centres, but buying a Tesla is the same as buying a toaster on Amazon – find what you want and click the “Buy” button, and you’re done! There is no haggling; no compromising on features because the dealer doesn’t have one; no dealing with car sales people; and above all, no pressure to buy. This deal happened quickly for me this time because I obviously have full confidence in Tesla to deliver the vehicle I ordered and stand behind it. The purchase of my first Tesla took considerably longer, and I talked myself out of the purchase twice before finally clicking that “Buy” button back in 2014.

So in late September or early October, I will take a day trip to Tesla’s Vancouver store and pick up my new car and leave my old one with them. Although both are fully electric high tech vehicles, when I drive home I will have a completely new driving experience to delight me going forward!

My configuration:

If after reading this missive you feel motivated to buy a Tesla Model S or X within the next few months, be sure to use my Referral Code to get a CD$1,400 discount off the price and also to get free Supercharging for as long as you own the vehicle. Regretfully, these bonuses are not available for Tesla’s newest Model 3 vehicles due to their lower price point.

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  1. Two days after writing this post, I heard some information that prompted me to cancel my order with Tesla. Ten days later I placed a new order with Tesla for the same configuration of Model S 75D because Tesla reduced their prices in Canada by 5%, saving me about CD$6,900!

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