Coda the cat is missing

Missing Cat – FOUND!

Coda the cat

UPDATE – June 27, 2017 – Coda was sitting in our carport, waiting to come inside after roaming for the last couple of days. He is an inside cat, so he was hungry and thirsty. It’s a great relief to have him back inside, and his cat buddy Mello is happy to have him back!

Coda, our multi-coloured longhair cat scooted out the door last night and is still missing. He has brown, black and tan double coated fur with a white nose, bib and paws and a tan belly. His face and legs have tabby markings, and he is a medium-sized neutered male. He isn’t wearing a collar, but has an ID chip implant.

Missing from our home in the 3000-block Jackson Street in Victoria, BC, Canada since June 23, 2017. Nearest intersection is Quadra and Finlayson.

If you spot him in your yard, please offer him food without approaching him and call us. He is very skittish, and will likely flee from strangers.

Please contact Joe – 250-744-9981 mobile; 250-294-1992 home

Missing Coda poster

8 thoughts on “Coda the cat is missing”

  1. have you thought of posting his picture around the streets near you? or maybe you’ve done that already. hoping he comes home..

    1. Thanks for your suggestion and good thoughts, Ann. Yes, I have distributed 35 flyers to everyone’s mailbox in the area and have posters up in the immediate area.

  2. I asked FLEC (Find Lost and Escaped Cats) it they would post on their website as well

      1. great – yes FLEC got back to me that they had posted. fingers crossed – hopefully all the adverts will work soon!

  3. Hi Joe. Saw this on my wife’s Facebook – her friend had shared it out – will keep an eye out. Hope you find Codo soon. – David Robertson (now also retired from Ministry of Environment)

  4. oh THANK GOD!!!! I’ve been so worried about him. Cheeky chops just sitting and waiting for you. But you must have been so relieved. Mine are totally indoors and I am terrified that if they ever got out, they wouldn’t have the smarts to survive. thanks for posting and I’m sure that everyone involved is happy to be back together.

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