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I’m taking a road trip to Calgary starting June 26th for a couple of weeks. As a Life Member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC), I like to participate in the society where I can. The RASC General Assembly is a great time to socialize with my fellow amateur astronomers from across Canada, update myself on what’s happening in astronomy, and ensure RASC continues to be a relevant learned society to Canadians. The road trip to Calgary from my home in Victoria is a wonderfully scenic route, especially in the summer months. I’m taking my time while on the road, taking three days to get there, and five days on the return trip, stopping for a couple of days in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. I’m also staying a week in Calgary, and will be taking all the sightseeing activities hosted by RASC Calgary Centre.

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Boat on Lac Le Jeune at sunset
Boat on Lac Le Jeune at sunset

Originally, I had booked a WestJet flight, which is certainly the least expensive and quickest way to get to Calgary, however I eventually decided that driving my Tesla Model S electric sedan would be more rewarding. I wanted to fully enjoy beautiful southern British Columbia and Alberta.

Driving my fully-electric Tesla also saves carbon emissions, allows me to experience the pleasures of slow travel, and visit with friends and family. I can also take along more gear, which I’m sure will add to my enjoyment of the fascinating places along the way. I’m planning to make good use of my Mavic Pro drone, which will give me a whole new perspective on those iconic views along the highways and byways.

JoeTourist: 2018 Victoria to Calgary &emdash; Castle Mountain, the Sawback Range, Mt Ishbel and the Bow RiverJuly 30, 2018 – UPDATE – I enjoyed my road trip very much. It was a good time to go before the crowds descended on the popular spots, and the weather was near-perfect, with the exception of a couple of overcast and rainy days in Alberta. I covered a lot of ground, seeing several sights in southern Alberta that were new to me. The Canadian Rockies are always spectacular, as my photos (20 minute slide show) will attest. I visited with one of my elementary school friends in Okanagan Falls on the way back, and while I was in the area, I had an interesting tour of the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory. I even managed to fly my drone in some locations along the way, so overall the trip was a great success! For further details, checkout my JoeTourist® travelogue about this road trip.

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