2024 Total Solar Eclipse

I am planning to observe the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse, which tracks across North America on April 8, 2024. Prospects of clear weather are best in Mexico, so I have booked a Mexican Riviera cruise out of Los Angeles aboard the Discovery Princess, which will be docked in Mazatlan when the Moon eclipses the Sun on April 8, 2024.

10-Day Mexican Riviera cruise with 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Round trip cruise from Los Angeles aboard the Discovery Princess

Route map for the Discovery Princess cruise
Route map for the Discovery Princess cruise

This cruise out of Los Angeles offers a low-risk option to ensure you will be under the Moon’s shadow in Mazatlán, Mexico on April 8, 2024. I’m assuming the ship will be docked for the day, so observing the eclipse from one of the top decks would offer a great, no hassle option. Or you could go ashore and observe from a public place, or make arrangements to chill out at one of the many local resorts. The ship overnights in Cabo San Lucas before sailing for Mazatlán, so the chances of the sailing schedule being disrupted is minimal. Princess offers a wide range of stateroom options, giving you a choice of sailing economically in inside cabins, a huge number of veranda staterooms (midrange), or going deluxe with a suite.

I’m booked on this cruise, and plan to fly into LAX the day before, staying overnight in a Long Beach hotel before boarding the next day in nearby San Pedro (the port of Los Angeles). I have no financial interest in these arrangements. I will not be hosting a group while aboard, although it would be great to meet up with my fellow eclipse chasers who are aboard for this observing experience! If you are interested, book directly with Princess Cruises or through your travel agent. Princess currently only wants a US$50 deposit, with no further payment due until January 2024. The deposit is refundable until final payment is due.

Chances of cloud cover for April 8th - map
Chances of cloud cover for April 8th

Prospects for clear skies for this eclipse track across North America are the best over Mexico, as Jay Anderson states on Eclipsophile. Of course, heading inland towards Durango would be a Plan B should the prospects for clear skies deteriorate for the coastal area, although I’m doubtful any transportation would be available at short notice on eclipse day.

Eclipse timing for the Mazatlan, Mexico location - map
Eclipse timing for the Mazatlan, Mexico location

2024 TSE cloud cover map – Jay Anderson, Eclipsophile

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