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Joe relaxing on a dhow in Oman
Joe relaxing on a dhow in Oman

I am one of thoseĀ Baby Boomers who is now retired. I have traveled often throughout my life, and consider it one of my many joys. You can find out all about my travels on my JoeTourist.ca website. I am also a confirmed geek, although you won’t find me wearing pocket protectors! Computers, photography, astronomy, hiking, nature, and electric vehicles are all passions of mine.

See my Personal Interests for more details.

I worked in surveying, mapping, photogrammetry, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and web infrastructure for the Province of British Columbia and some private companies for my working life before retiring in 2007.

I have lived in Victoria, the City of Gardens since 1976. Victoria is located in the Province of British Columbia, in Canada. Victoria is the provincial capital, and is a tourist town located on beautiful Vancouver Island, just a few kilometres offshore from the west coast of Canada (and Vancouver, our largest city).

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