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Spinnakers Brew Pub

Menu: Typical pub food is offered at Spinnakers, but there is so much more good food featured on the menu, that calling their offerings "pub food" does it no justice. The seafood on the menu is second-to-none. The comprehensive selection of high quality beers on tap will serve every taste.  Please browse their website for current listings of food and beverages.

Features: Spinnakers is first and foremost a micro-brewery, and you will be confronted by this when you walk in the door.  The stainless steel tanks in the brew room are right there for everyone to see. Spinnakers was the first brew pub licensed in BC - going back to 1984.  Not to be outdone by the beer and food, the view of Victoria's Harbour and the Olympic Mountains is superb, and the walking path which follows much of Victoria's shoreline passes right through Spinnaker's front yard.

If you want the Westcoast experience, sit on the patio, sip a quality brew, and order some seafood.  It doesn't get better than this...especially on a sunny summer day.

Address: 308 Catherine St., Victoria BC V9A 3S8

Phone: (250) 386-2739
Fax: (250) 384-3246


Getting There: Located across the Johnson Street bridge (the blue one) in the Songhees area of Victoria West. Bus routes within one block.  Walking: A pleasant 20 min walk from downtown (no hills). Ferry: Catch the little Victoria Harbour Ferry in front of the Empress Hotel and they will let you off near Spinnakers. Driving: Take Wharf Street and turn west onto Johnson Street bridge by Market Square.  Stay on Esquimalt Road until you see the old red brick train sheds, and then turn left onto Catherine Street.  Spinnakers is one block down by the water's edge. Lots of parking behind the building.

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Sign at main entrance

Front lawn, decks, 
front face of building

The Brew Room

Upstairs pub patio

Kitchen, chef
breads & pastries, 

Sign by Lime Bay pathway

Food-to-go shop

Main floor bar

Fireplace & tables in restaurant

Pot pie & vegetables



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