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Baan Thai
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Baan Thai

Menu: Good variety of choices of authentic food of Thailand. Don't worry about the reputation of Thai food being spicy - you can order all the way down to "mild", which is really mild - suitable for all tastes. The Singha beer is imported direct from Thailand, and is a nice lager style beer which goes with most of the menu items.

Features: Thai authenticity is taken seriously at this restaurant, so many ingredients are imported from Thailand. Thai staff will be serving you with a traditional smile. This is a small restaurant and they don't take reservations, so arrive early if you want to be seated right away, or be prepared for a bit of a wait.

Address: 1117 Blanshard St, Victoria, BC V8W 2H7


Getting There: Bus routes within one block. Located downtown on Blanshard between Fort and View. Easy walk from downtown hotels.

Website: Baan Thai Restaurant

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Tuk-tuk cartoon
Tuk-tuk - cartoon of Baan Thai's owner 
driving his Tuk-tuk around Victoria
Singha beer label
Singha Beer - lager from Thailand


Traditional Thai decor
Thai scenic fan & photo of the 
Thai Royal Family at entranceway
Thai scenic fan
Thai scenic fan


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