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Sample Shots

Taken with my new Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera

Warning - most are just over 400k in size!  Also, most of the shots are at full resolution of 1600x1200 pixels, so maximize your browser window before viewing.

The Pets - Sylvester & Tucker

99073101.JPG (409679 bytes)   99080506.JPG (412953 bytes) 99080508.jpg (385404 bytes)

99080122a.jpg (71583 bytes) 99080107a.jpg (137730 bytes)


99080102.JPG (431475 bytes) 99080103.JPG (422181 bytes) 99080104.JPG (390069 bytes) 99080105.JPG (415812 bytes)

Closeups - this camera can focus down to less than 1" of an object!

99080120.JPG (336745 bytes) 99080121.JPG (375704 bytes)

Ladybug - original image and cropped/colour corrected version

99080407.JPG (474932 bytes) 99080407a.jpg (21137 bytes)

Sunsets - one of my favorite subjects

99081227.JPG (467148 bytes) 99081230.JPG (397712 bytes)


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