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Photos which have been featured on my personal home page


I would like to claim I built this snow dog,
but I didn't.  Some very talented person who
lives a block away built this snow dog and a snowman
to go with him. December 2008

Perseid meteor shower from Joe Carr on Vimeo
Aug 13-14, 2008

I have observed the Perseid meteor shower twice in the last few days (the maximum was on Aug 11th). This is a time lapse video covering a couple of hours.

The Crocus are in bloom in
Summit Park

Summer 2008 - Here is a high definition video of some sailboats sailing off the Dallas Road waterfront, taken as we walked Tucker along the seawall a few days ago.  This is my first video where Iíve tried to pull it all together with a soundtrack and some special processing to take some of the jitters out of the video (despite using a monopod to steady the video-cam).  It is a two minute video

Happy Halloween!

Bald Eagle
Observatory Hill, Victoria, BC
November 8, 2006

A late spring afternoon shower
made the colours of this flower in our
flower pots on the front steps
just pop out. June 2006

My new 2004 Honda CR-V purchased from Honda City, here in Victoria on August 7, 2004. The CR-V is a very nice small SUV, and Honda City staff are a treat to deal with.

Lunar Eclipse & Occultation by Aircraft!

Lunar Eclipse & Occultation by Aircraft!
What are the odds of an aircraft passing in front of an eclipsed Moon?  Well here it is!
Lunar Eclipse - October 27, 2004
More images of
The Moon

2004 Astro-Photgraphy Award
RASC Victoria Centre
As f
eatured on and

Yes, it snows in Victoria...
contrary to what the local Tourist Bureau tries to tell everyone!
January 3, 2004


Anise Swallowtail butterfly - fifth-instar larva feeding voraciously on fennel  Anise Swallowtail butterfly - late pupa, just before becoming a butterfly Anise Swallowtail butterfly - late pupa - closeup of girdle

Anise swallowtail - Papilio zelicaon Lepidoptera: Papilionidae
Anise Swallowtail butterfly

A friend where I work is watching a Swallowtail butterfly pupa develop.
I have taken a couple of photos:
Left: fifth-instar larva feeding (feeding voraciously on fennel)
Right: late pupa (just hangin' around before becoming a butterfly)

Mist rising off Witty's Lagoon on a Winter Day
Mist rising off Witty's Lagoon
on a Winter day
December 28, 2003
Sitting Lady Falls - Fall Colours, Whitty's Lagoon Regional Park
Fall Colours - Sitting Lady Falls
Witty's Lagoon Regional Park
October 26, 2002
 Autumn light on a Broadleaf Maple leaf deep in the forest at Devonian Park
Autumn light on a Broadleaf Maple leaf deep in the forest at Devonian Park. Oct 25, 2003

A flame red sunset taken from my back porch looking over the Sooke Hills in Winter
November 21, 2002

A pink layered sunset
taken through the kitchen window
looking toward the Highlands and the Malahat
September 16, 2002
Roberts Bank at sunset
Roberts Bank at sunset
June 4. 2002

Leaves and fungi - Tod Inlet forest floor
Leaves and fungi - Tod Inlet forest floor

Everything is as it should be in the forest at Todd Inlet creek this afternoon. The ferns are luxuriant, the rain shower has intensified the forest aromas, the moss-covered trees stand silently, and the creek is trickling ever so slowly. One can almost hear the humus being formed on the spongy forest floor. Tucker is having a terrific time running and exploring. He samples the mud puddle water and the tender green shoots, and finds both to his liking.

Joe Carr - Sept 3, 2002

Legislative Buildings, Victoria's Inner Harbour
Legislative Buildings, Victoria's Inner Harbour
August 3, 1999
Ice crystals and winter blue
Ice crystals and winter blue
My yard - January 27, 2002

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