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Joe's 50th Birthday
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50 years old!

October 13, 1952 - 2002

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Thanks go to everyone for all your good wishes on my 50th birthday.  Good friends and a wonderful family are all anyone needs in life.

My friends took me out to Ming's Chinese Restaurant for a birthday party on the 12th.  My mother came down to my place for a visit for the first time in a year, so that was a special treat.  Kirk, Mum and I celebrated my birthday on the 13th with yet more cake, and a few more presents!

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John Davidson, waiter, Jim Huxtable (with camera), Hu Filleul, Joe, Mark Sondheim, Aleta Hansen

The cake
No, they didn't try to put 50 candles on it!
Jim tells me if the bakery had written it correctly, the verse would have read "Joe, you know you've hit Fifty when your narrow waist and your broad mind begin to switch places."


Joe blowing out the candles.

Dennis Smith, Joe, Will Haysom


John Davidson, Murray Ryan Jr., Murray Ryan Sr., Hu Filleul

John Davidson, Murray Ryan Jr.


Terry & Joe Macmurchie, Dennis Smith, Joe


Rick Macmurchie, Deb Meed, Terry Macmurchie

Aleta Hansen

Jim Huxtable, Greg Hansen

Mark Sondheim, Joe

Oh, being 50 isn't so bad!

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From Hu Filleul

From Jim Huxtable

Thanks for organizing the party at Mings, Jim!

From John Davidson

From Kirk, Tucker & Sylvester

From Mum

From Murray Ryan (Jr & Sr)

From Will Haysom

From Cheryl Carruthers

t-shirt front

A "wearable" card
from Mark Sondheim

t-shirt back

From Rick Macmurchie & Deb Meed

From Greg & Aleta Hansen



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