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Summit Park
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Summit Park is only a short block away from my home, and provides Tucker with a good place to run around safely away from road traffic.  I sometimes take my camera with me.  Here are a few photos from my collection.

The Gary Oak Meadow is a unique ecosystem to be found mainly on southern Vancouver Island and the surrounding Gulf Islands.  First blooms in January or February are the Snow Drops, then the Crocus follow in late February or early March. Later in Spring come the Easter Lily, and finally the Blue Camus, which turn the meadows a lovely deep blue colour.  Drought on the meadow often comes with summer, stressing the Gary oaks.  The meadow grasses grow early in summer and dry to a lovely golden colour.  The moss, lichen and fern all curl up and become dormant in the Summer, waiting for the winter showers so they can once again return to their verdant shades of green.

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Summit Park - a photoset on Flickr

The Garry Oak Meadow Preservation Society


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