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Telescope Accessories
Imaging Hardware
Binoculars & Sky Window
Astronomical Resources
'Twas the Night Before...
Shuttle Columbia

The long list of links below are my personal collection of astronomy favorites, which I work quite hard at keeping up-to-date.  No guarantees though...



HiRISE | High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment
SDO | Solar Dynamics Observatory


MetaGuide: Diffraction limited collimation and guiding
The Planets ASP app - Castle Point Astronomy Club
Polar Alignment - WCS - Fast and accurate polaralignment for astronomical mounts, using a CCD / webcam and drift alignment
Noise Ninja: The gold standard for image noise reduction
Stark Labs - Nebulosity, PHD Guiding - stacks movies & sequential images for lunar work
PinPoint Astrometric Engine - precise pointing to telescope mounts, asteroid and comet searching

Information & Portals

Weekly Information about Bright Comets (2010 Apr. 17: North)
SkyNews Home Page
IceInSpace - Australian Amateur Astronomy
British Astronomical Association
Astronomy Picture of the Day - NASA
Digital Astro Challenge Photos
Ivan Semeniuk's Embedded Universe
Astronomy Nova Scotia
Atmospheric Optics
Uncle Rod's Astro Blog
Backyard Astronomer's Guide
Astronomy - Stack Exchange
Great White North Astro - A Canadian Astronomy Community
ScienceCasts - NASA Science
Mario Livio - astrophysicist

Photo Collections

Quiet Water Astronomy - Astronomy from the foothills of Mt. Rainier
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Astrophotography by Anthony Ayiomamitis
TWAN - The World at Night in Photos and Videos
Astrophotography - Thierry Legault
Jarek's Amateur Astronomy Site
Eclipse Photography- Miloslav Druckmuller - Daniel S. Perry
Astrophotography by Shekhar Borde
Astropics Wally Pacholka
Greek Sky
Amazing Sky Images - Alan Dyer
Alan Dyer | Amazing Sky Astrophotography
Robert Arn
Averted Imagination | Solar System Photography by Alan Friedman
C O S M I C B U G by Gain Lee
Astrophotography - Ken Crawford
Fabian Neyer Astrophotography
Night Over Ontario - Lynn Hilborn (Hilborn)'s Photos
NaturaHD | Wildlife Films & Photography
Aurora borealis - Michel Tourney
Mark Hanson
Photopic Sky Survey
FETTSS - NASA images for exhibition
AstroArn Photography | AstroArn Photography
Astronomers Do It In The Dark
Planetary Nebula
Deep Sky Colors - Astrophotography by Rogelio Bernal Andreo
From the Edge of Town to the Edge of the Universe: Photography by Stuart Heggie
glittering lights - astrophotography by marco lorenzi
Robert Reeves Astrophotography
Surrounded - Nicolas Villegas

Travel & Star Parties

Mt. Kobau Star Party
SPACEOBS - Alaine Maury Atacama Lodge
Julian Starfest, CA, USA
Tours of the Atacama Desert of Chile and San Pedro de Atacama Chile
All-Star Alberta Party - New Mexico 2011
Three Rivers Foundation: Texas Astronomy
Granite Gap - astronomy RV park in New Mexico
Okie-Tex Star Party
Oregon Star Party
OzSky Star Safari - observing in Australia

New Cause For Supernova Explosion Identified - Jay Anderson
Australia Solar Eclipse 2012
Chelsea's Observing Blog
Eclipse Chasers
iTelescope Network News - Remote Telescope CCD Internet Imaging Hosting - Database for Object Positions on Jupiter


Island Eyepiece and Telescope Ltd
Lire La Nature - Astronomie Plus.
OPT Telescopes - California

Astrophotography Richard Crisp
AstroGarage > Home
The Amazing Sky - Alan Dyer's blog & photos

Observatories - personal

Possum Observatory - John Drummond, Gisborne, NZ
Hay Creek Observatory - Ed Henry
Thunder Bay Observatory - Home Page
The Naked Astronomer


Hamilton Astronomical Society, New Zealand
Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand
Northland Astronomical Society Inc, New Zealand
rascvco @ USTREAM - The broadcast page of the RASC VCO located in Victoria, British Columbia
Nanaimo Astronomy Society - Share the wonders of the universe...


ADM - rails & rings
ASCOM Initiative - standard control interface to instruments
Cases and
Celestron - Home
Ceravolo Optical Systems - 8 inch refractor
Clement Focuser
Compact Precision Telescopes - open tube, large, expensive
Coronado Instruments H alpha filters for the Solar Observer
DayStar Filters
Dinosaur Cases- custom design equipment cases to protect your gear in transport!
Discovery Telscopes, Incorporated
Explora Dome by Polydome, The affordable observatory dome.
Farpoint Astro Products
Hap Griffin - DSLR IR Filtering Mods & cables
Home-Pro Domes - Technical Innovations
HyperStar - Starizona
ImagingSource - FireWire Cameras for Telescopes and Astronomy
ITE (Intes) Telescopes
Jim's Mobile, Inc. (JMI)
Lunt Solar Systems LLC
Meade Instruments - Telescopes
ObservatoryScope Robotic Telescopes
Obsession Dobsonian Telescopes
Orion Telescopes
Pacific Telescopes - SKY-WATCHER TELESCOPE-for people curious enough to look up and wonder
Paramount ME
Point Grey CCD and CMOS Digital Cameras for Industrial, Machine, and Computer Vision - robotic telescopes
Sky Window binocular mirror & mount
SkyShed Observatories, Backyard Observatories, Roll Off, Roll Away Observatory backyard observatories Sky And Telescope Hot Pro (1)
Stargazer Steve Telescopes
StarGPS - Pixsoft
Starlight Instruments -Feather Touch Focusers
Starmaster Portable Telescopes
Stellarvue-hand crafted refractors
Takahashi Telescope and Mount Importers & Distributors, Land Sea & Sky - Texas Nautical Repair
Technical Innovations - Domes, observatory structures
Teeter's Telescopes - Manufacturer of Finely Crafted Wooden Telescopes and Accessories
Tele Vue Optics, Inc.
The Shoestring Astronomy Store
Thousand Oaks Optical - solar filters, solar eclipse viewers, H-Alpha filters, nebular filters, dew heaters, minus violet
TMB - Apochromatic refractors
University Optics Telescope Accessories, Telescope Accessories, Telescope Eye Pieces, University Optics
Vixen North America Welcome Page
William Optics
Magnifi - a-focal adapter for eyepieces

Light Pollution Abatement

Ecology and Society: The dark side of light - A transdisciplinary research agenda for light pollution policy
All About Light Pollution


Hay Creek Observatory - Ed Henry
Possum Observatory - John Drummond, Gisborne, NZ
The David Dunlap Observatory
Thunder Bay Observatory - Home Page
Winer Observatory - co-op hosting near Tuscon AZ

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